A Study in Nightmares

When you’re awake
When you can see it all
Hear it all
Feel it all
When you’re awake
And the images are
Taking you for a spin
Dizzy again
Reeling from the pain
Trying to stay sane
Don’t give in
Don’t give in
Don’t give in
The memories
The flashbacks
The knowledge 
Of the attack
The feeling
Of being out of whack
Like the time
When he broke you
And all
A bloody little mess
And soul
A sack of flesh
On the floor
Holding fragmented bones
What horrid sins
To have to atone
And you’re all alone
Beat your face in
After it heals
Do it again
And again
And again
Like when he tore your toes
Straight from your feet
With pliers
And dropped them in the bin
With your fingers
Count back
From 1000
By sevens
And cling to those numbers
When you’re over encumbered
Because he’s not done with you
And it’s going to happen
And over
And over
Then and now
When you’re asleep
When you’re awake
When you’re both
At the same time

Time to unwind
Go to sleep
Take your pills
Wish for death
Because he’s coming
He’s always coming
He’ll destroy you
Till there’s nothing left
You can’t survive
Even if you live
Because he’ll be there
When you’re asleep
When you’re awake
Just like he was then
When it was real
When you were his meal
And he was chopping you up
Just to eat you