A Study in Remembrance

Remember me?
I’m the queen to be.
I’m the one who rules
And rocks your world.

Remember me?
I’m the king to be.
I’m the one
You’ll be kissing,
Listening to my moans
And groans.

Remember me?
I’m that tight little bitch.
I’m that loose-lipped snitch.
Better catch me,
Or I’ll ding-dong-ditch.

Remember me?
You couldn’t possibly forget
The way I make your dick wet.


A Study in Lust

Feel me
Take me
Choke me
Squeeze me

Fill me
Tease me
Please me
Appease me

I am your toy
Your little boy
Or your little girl
Take me for a twirl

Spin me round
And round
Like a merry
Go round

Orbiting you
Like a god
Put me on the nod
Stick me with your rod

Tear me apart
Rip out my heart
Make me bleed
Take the lead

Tie me up
Hold me down
Lift me up
And make me frown

All of these things
I want
Don’t let it be
For naught

I’ll wrap around you
Wet like the dew
Of the mourning come
I know you want some

You won’t regret
Making me wet
I swear
I’ll be fair

The fairest of them all
No one can make me fall
But you
So give me a call

Give me a ring
Make me sing
Stroke my wings
And make me fly

You smile so sly
I love the way you lie
This love or lust
Never will it die

A Study in Snuff

I remember
Hands gripping iron
Fists clenching
White knuckles
Bent back
Dance music
Ass shaking
Blurred lines
Made of iron
Surrounding me

A cage of wonders
Oh wondrous me
Oh don’t you see

I know
You see me
Showing you
My titties
Bending over
For you to woo

Stare at my pussy
Let me spread it out
Stare at my lifted dick
Make you fussy
Make you tick
Make you pout
Because you want
To unlock me
Get inside me

A cage of wonders
Oh wondrous me
Oh don’t you see

You can see
Your long
Stretching my asshole
‘Cause I’m your pick
In a field of flowers
Smelling of aphrodisiac
Incarnation of tact
Blooming under your watch
Letting you unlatch
The locks caging me

A cage of wonders
Oh wondrous me
I know you see

You seem tense
But when our eyes meet
I see you greet me
In your lust

My trust
In that lust
My demise

Take me out
Let me shout
Your name
In the back
Of the lap dance booth
While you make me loose
Muffled by the
Dance music
Take me!”

A cage of wonders
Oh wondrous me

Spike my drink
Make me see
Beyond the haze
Of debauchery

I know you did it
But I don’t care
You made me lit
You came inside
My walls
My iron bars
Down to win
Make me null
Give me purpose
Take me to the surface

New heights
As I’m climbing
Higher and higher
Drunker and drunker
In your chokehold

Wondrous me
Made to be free

I remember
You bought me
To stay by your side
So much money
You spent
To make me your bride

A new cage
I didn’t mind

This cage was bigger
More room to dance
More room
To make a new stance
New sexy

Wondrous me
You came to see
Me out

Arm in arm
We traveled
Many distances
Many lands
Hand in hand
Your kisses
Your touch
Kept me alive
A burning fire
A breathless surprise

I never wanted it to end
But my trust in that lust
My demise

You were my friend
But my captor
As well
I’ll never forget
The way you made me wet
With those eyes
With those lies

Sex my reprieve

Oh wondrous me

Oh can’t you see

What you’ve done to me?